Tracy Morford + Storm Calysta No-Tell Motel


“The shoot was inspired by 1970’s Las Vegas & the phrase “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”. We couldn’t make it to Vegas, so we shot at an old, run-down motel in Austin, TX that is assumed to be a “No-Tell Motel”, meaning that it’s primarily used for sex, affairs, drugs & other things one would probably like to keep private. So in this case “what happens in Austin, Stays in Austin.”

Tracy Morford was born and raised in upstate New York, relocated to NYC to attend Pratt Institute, and later the School of Visual Arts with a concentration in photography. After working under and being mentored by some of the world’s biggest fashion photographers, she created her own portfolio of diverse imagery which has reached book/magazine covers worldwide, and the attention of a number of celebrity clients.

The large majority of Tracy’s shoots are produced, art directed, photographed, and retouched by her, allowing for a consistent visual theme regardless if the job is aimed at commercial rebranding, or an artistic portrait session.

Being an avid world traveler provides Tracy with  a uniquely inspired creative eye, and an array of eclectic inspirations. She now lives in Austin, TX, and is always looking to take on new clients and creative projects both locally and across the globe.


A passion for music, art & fashion was always present in the heart of the Chicago native, Storm Calysta.

Storm was born a creative individual, she was only age eight when she became inspired to write her own lyrics & melodies. Around this time, she also began booking small modeling jobs. Soon after, she began taking lessons in French horn & violin.

During the summer of 2008, Storm had taught herself acoustic guitar & began performing in courtyards & coffee shops, that quickly escalated to her performing at county fairs, theaters & The Bamboozle Road Show (along side acts such as; Third Eye Blind, Hellogoodbye, Good Charlotte & several more). Storm’s passion for music has led her to perform over 400 shows & go on two U.S. tours.

Storm has now launched her modeling/styling career & as well as continuing to be a music artist. Storm is well-known for her groovy, 70s, vintage image. She has worked with several large clothing companies in the past two years & have been published in magazines, as well as She also earned the honoring title of a “Pearlette” for Made For Pearl (a clothing company inspired by Janis Joplin, by Janis’s family)

Stay tuned to see what else is in this artist’s future, to get the scoop on the best of the past & more!

Tracy Morford + Storm Calysta Tracy Morford + Storm CalystaTracy Morford + Storm Calysta Tracy Morford + Storm Calysta Tracy Morford + Storm Calysta Tracy Morford + Storm Calysta Tracy Morford + Storm Calysta img_9209_web Tracy Morford + Storm Calysta

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