Style Muse: Katia Nikolajew


Katia Nikolajew is 34 years old, born and raised in Montreal, Canada, with Ukrainian, German and French descent. She is the middle child of three girls, wife to her husband of ten years, no children. Katia is a full-time blogger and influencer, definitely a fashionoholic! She loves everything and anything that has to do with art, from music, dancing, painting and revamping old furniture… She loves it all!

If you saw her walking down the street, you’d have no choice but to be drawn to her unique looks. Katia has, without any doubt, the most incredible and interesting style we’ve seen in a long time. She looks so fierce, we can only admire her sense of style and yes, we admit it: we’re kind of obsessed with her.

Here’s our little chat with Katia.


Katia, you have such a unique and amazing style! As a teenager, were you as flamboyant and fearless as today? Did you go through many style phases?
Thank you for the compliments… Ever since I can remember, fashion has always been a part of who I am. Since I come from a very modest background, I learned early on to be creative by using pieces at hand, modifying them and putting together outfits. Let’s just say the glue gun was my best friend…

As a teenager I enjoyed being different and totally assumed the various styles I created. I believe that fashion is a form of expression and should reflect above all who you are.

Where do you find inspiration? What inspires you the most in fashion?
Most of my inspirations come from people-watching, moods, patterns, fabrics and colors to name a few.

Style Muse: Katia Nikolajew Style Muse: Katia Nikolajew

Tell me about your fashion stylist work. How did you get into industry? Was it something you always wanted to do?
Bewolf is a little something that I started two years ago as a side project. I was on a mission to inspire the world through my personal vision and love for fashion. I have always been extremely excited about the idea of working for myself, and with a little elbow grease and lots of support from loved ones and followers, I am finally spending 100% of my time on something I truly love and enjoy. Every day is filled with an exciting little adventure.

Do you have any kind of creative patterns, routines or rituals?
Although I don’t have any specific routines or rituals, I must admit that I am a night owl and that most of my inspirations and creative process takes place at night.

Style Muse: Katia Nikolajew Style Muse: Katia Nikolajew Style Muse: Katia Nikolajew

What is the main challenge you face with being a stylist? What are the pros and cons of this job?
I’m a strong believer that in order to be happy in life you have to do what you love and love what you do. I’m beyond grateful that I get to wake up every day and do exactly what I’m most passionate about. I just love how I’m able to express myself, let loose and have fun. There’s never a dull moment… What girl doesn’t like to play dress up!!!

As for the cons, I must say there are definitely challenging moments, but most of the time it comes naturally. I would have to say the hardest part would be doing it on a daily basis. Like anything else, there are days where I feel less inspired or less creative, but always feel the need to post something daily.

I can literally change my outfit 3 to 4 times before heading out for a shoot, and other days, I just wake up and know exactly what I wanna wear and 20 minutes later, I’m ready! Another big challenge is definitely finding a location to take the pictures. There are only so many alleys, back walls, factories, businesses… At some point, you’ve pretty much done them all. So it can be difficult at times, but I wouldn’t change it for any other job.

What moves you most in life, either to inspire or upset you?
Above all “family”, being true to myself and living the best life possible. As for what upsets me most, I would have to say injustice and judgment. We should all learn to accept and appreciate each other for who we are.

Style Muse: Katia Nikolajew Style Muse: Katia Nikolajew

You started your own company, Moonchild Lipsticks. How did you get the idea to create a business like this one? Was it a dream of yours
As an accessory Queen I saw lipsticks not only as a beauty product but as a way to enhance my outfits, be different and set me apart. So it made perfect sense for me to start the Moonchild lipstick brand.  Anything that has to do with fashion is a dream of mine and lipsticks is definitely one of them.

If you were stranded on a deserted island, what three things would you have and why?
As much as I love fashion, If I had to be on a deserted island, I would probably bring more practical stuff, like a fire starter, a knife and a cooking pot and use the island’s resources to get creative and make myself coconut bikinis, sea shell necklaces and straw hats!

Style Muse: Katia Nikolajew Style Muse: Katia Nikolajew

How do you think people around you would describe you?
I would hope that people see me as an authentic, loyal and a caring person. Free-spirited, bubbly with a little bit of crazy… in a good way…

What are your plans for the future? Any exciting projects coming up?
My goal is to continue to collaborate with lots of other fantastic people in the fashion industry, continue working on my lipstick line and to just let life take its course and see what journey it has in store for me next… The gypsy in me!

Style Muse: Katia Nikolajew

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