Sawyer’s Place feat. Storm Calysta By Edgar Valdes


Her name is Storm Calysta. She’s a music artist, model, visual artist & stylist. Storm modeled in this shoot, “Sawyer’s Place” & styled it (her friends from Stoned Immaculate sent her the jeans and her friends from Motel Rocks sent her the skirt). Edgar Valdes is the photographer, he shoots both digital & film photography.

This shoot took place at a diner in Austin, TX, which is the city where Edgar lives & Storm lives in the Austin area as well. The shoot was inspired by the time in history where the 60’s & 70’s were merging, some refer to that era as “post 60’s”. The outside shots are inspired by a summery, vibrant early late 60’s/mod feel & the indoor shots are more inspired by a early/mid 70’s everyday look.

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