Listen: Mixtape Vol.2 // Endless Summer



Three months ago, we published our first mixtape, “Noisy Summer”. Fast forward to now, we’re sharing our newest creation, “Endless Summer”. It’s hard to believe that those long sunny days are slowing starting to disappear, and while we might feel a little blue thinking about it, the transition can only be smoother with a good playlist. Right?

We hope these 27 hand-picked songs will keep you warm on those chilly nights and if you prefer to be 100% summer mode still, there’s always our Vol.1 “Noisy Summer” right here. “Endless Summer” is perfect for a night around the fire or just a casual evening with friends. Or a relax night just by yourself. You choose.

We curated this mixtape with one thing in mind: create a mood that will make you close your eyes and recall your summer’s best memories.