Draga “Dasha” Gajic  was born in 1988 in Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina. She holds a BA in political science (graduated at the top of her class at the Faculty of Political Sciences in Banja Luka) and two MA degrees; one in gender studies from the University of Novi Sad and another one in political science from the Faculty of Political Sciences, Banja Luka. Apart from that, she also audited a graduate level course “Gender Equality in the Nordic Countries” at the University of Oslo, Norway.

Photography was a hobby ever since childhood and she was into different photography genres. In 2012, Gajic launched Street Style Banja Luka by Dasha Gajic, the first blog in Banja Luka and Bosnia and Herzegovina dedicated exclusively to street style photography. A few years later, the blog became very successful both locally and internationally. In addition to the blog, Gajic’s work was featured in The Guardian, Push it Magazine, Opus Mag, Urban Fieldnotes, Club Fashionista, etc.

The blog Street Style Banja Luka by Dasha Gajic received many awards and recognition: The Best Street Style Photograph in 2013 (International Contest Best of Street Style), first award at the student photo competition at the University of Oslo (ISS 2013) and a place at the list of the best street style blogs in the world (Street Style News). The book “Street Style Banja Luka by Dasha Gajic”, which is the first published book in the whole region dedicated to street style photography is the result of intensive work on the blog.

Beside street style photography, Gajic is interested in documentary and socially engaged photography. Through her images she “talks” about women’s history, women’s rights, women’s heritage, gender-based violence, etc. She participated in numerous group photo exhibitions in many countries.

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